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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  January 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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addiction counselor john rutter. it took crews two days to gain access to the building because inside. they brought in giant equipment and once they told him parts of the building they brought in search dogs who played a critical role in finding the body. this is a photo of john rutter he was an ad off 64th avenue. and watch worth. he had been working there for more than 10 years. i talked to the manager of the clinic who was inside and she said it all happen fast. he was working the day it happened. this is video of the fire on saturday. you can see how intense the flames were. a difficult few days not only for employees but for fire crews. >>it is a tremendous loss. we prefer to have a different outcome. this is very difficult on all the personnel. we work every day to prevent
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>>reporter: the substance-abuse cliiic will reopen tomorrow at three other locations in westminster and lakewood. it is still not clear how long it will take the corner to identify the body. the bottom line is it will be quiteesome time before we learned what happened. >>very sad development. a fire in greeley cleared out an apartment building this point. it started on the fifth floor of the greeley manor apartments. more than a dozen firefighters helped put the fire out. you are tracking some warm temperatures this week. >>some snow moving in later on this week but it is quiet right now in denver. temperatures released -- reach 45 just about where we should be. tomorrow will be warmer. tonight we have the cooldown, not as cool as it has been. look at temperatures, we will drop overnight into the low
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we will see a few more clouds moved in but it will remain dry until later on this week. we will talk about the four letter word coming up. everyone is talking about it. broncos winning, clinching the top spot in the afc west. >>the team gets a week off, a lot of us are wondering who is going to start at quarterback. get that answer. >>it wasn't coming today. gary kubiak would not say situation. no reason he should. the broncos are off until thursday, why wwuld he ive it away today? it is the most compelling story in the nfl today. willoughby brock also weiler or peyton manning? they had five turnovers into the third quarter yesterday. you can blame brock for that. gary kubiak thought the team needed a spark.
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20 second-half points with a win over the chargers. number one seed, first round bye. kubiak said the team is not worried about the quarterback. >>are football team understands we always have direction. we get together and we have direction and like i said they understand through the course of this season what has taken place with our team and how they have handled it and the fact that it has taken all of this, they understand that. i think right now they deserve to enjoy what they got accomplished and we will get back to work on thursday. >>the broncos have three days off. they don't know who they will playyin round two. will be the steelers, choose. >>if you are trying to get to the game, tickets went on sale this afternoon and they were almost fully sold out in less than an hour. if you have cash you can get some of the secondary market.
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from $150 to several thousand. >>there was no big line outside sports authority field the chance to buy tickets, it was all online. though they would quickly do not worry the team tickets to not get scooped up by scalpers. >>the orange and blue review hit the air at noon. >>i went from bus developed tickets to nothing. >>i proved playoff tickets were seventh tried. >>i got myself a pair of playoff tickets. >>before anyone who missed out get too upset. >>don't talk about playoffs. get tickets are local. the broncos only allowed online ticket sales to billing addresses within the rocky mount region, colorado, wyoming, utah, new mexico. >>since we are the local team we should hhve the local rights. >>i think that is fair
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the ccuntry by them and you do not get a chance to get tickets. >>it is sad knowing there are bronco fans nationwide that cannot get them. >>this policy has been in effect for the last ew years. to keep scalpers out nd avoid frustrated fans like a dell fans whose shows sold out and hours. the cheapest singleseat i found where about $130, $140. the most expensive sideline seat comes in att$5000. if there are any tickets left over from the original sale at noon they will be available at the box office tomorrow. the wildcard matchup will be right here on denver seven on saturday afternoon. the chiefs will be taking on the texans att2:35.
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there is a slight elay with travel after a man fell from a platform and hit his head. this was near 20s and welton. denver police took 3 people into custody. officers were trying to stop people suspected in several armed robberies. we are hoping to learn more tonight. the man behind the wheel of this crash that killed 2 people and sent 6 to the hospital is now under investigation for dui. jaclyn allen joins us . he is a licensed limo driver. >>reporter: yes. i am here at the denver police traffic bureau where they suspect he was driving under the influence. please do not know if he had any riders with him. he is a limo license and he drives a chevy suburban. they say he fell asleep behind the wheel. when firefighters went to check on him he did not seem interested in getting help.
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car in gear and he took off driving northbound on colorado boulevard at a high rate of speed and weaving. >>reporter: ere is how it ended. the suspect semere dawit was going twice the speed limit yesterday afternoon and slammed into 2 stopped cars forcing them into an intersection or in other car collided. 2 people died in the crash, their names were released this afternoon, anthony mills and jonathan nichols. police say there were no break marks are any signs that the driver slow down. one other person was hit -- was hurt they are still in the hhspital in fair condition. the other 4 have been released. he is still in the hospital tonight and police have not ruled out the possibility that a medical condition such as a heart attack could have contributed to the crash. they are waiting for him to
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reporting live jaclyn allen . metro area poliie are investigating another smash and grab burglary. at least 2 businesses were damaged in the riverpoint overnight. the glass door was smashed new w. hampden avenue. and there was damage to a verizon store nearby. there have been more than 30 smash and grabs since the beginning of december. please let -- arrest a hit-and- run driver. year-old near colfax and you somebody and the driver kept going. air tracker 7 was over the scene as a truck driver blocked a white ford van until police arrived. >>how i caught him is always going to the traffic and i had my lights on on the tow truck so i have those on, and people started moving over and i was
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and i cut him off. >>the child was walking with his mother and was clipped as the van was turning. fortunately the boy was not injured. a growing number of inmates are being diagnosed with a treatment in the county jails versus the state mental hospital and pueblo. mark, you found this backlog is costing all of us. >>a lot of monny. we found it actually costttwice as much to house in inmate with a mental illness than a standard inmate. with more inmates being diagnosed with a mental illness it is costing the sheriff's office and the jails more and costing taxpayers more. here in douglas county, 50% of -`their inmate population has been diagnosed with some type of mental illness. some have ad their cases on hold as they await the court ordered evaluations or competency hearings where the
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others will not be able to get help at the mental hospital in pueblo or anywhere elss before they are released back into the public. it is a problem they don't see going away anytime soon. >>it is a big burden to the douglas county sheriff's office and the taxpayers. we have for full-time mental health clinicians working here with our inmates. our numbers are high. >>reporter: we looked into the budget in the past 2 years the state has asked for $7 million for thh 2 fiscal years about $7 million to help ease some backlog. the captain says the 7 million compared to what they need. live in castlerrock mark boyle. we have more details on new stories after the break. goats eating christmas trees. one woman's work approach to
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fort collins is cracking down on students renting homes. it is a violation of city code for 3 or more students who are unrelated to rent a home. the csu students group is gathering signatures to ask for a change. >>even more than students. it is people with low socioeconomic status. % it is not just students we're talking about it is the entire community of fort collins. >>the ordinance allows 3 unrelated people to live together but excludes students in the fine is $1000. make housing affordable while raising state wages. that is one idea the democrats have an estate legislative
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schools and roads. they say they will have to cut education -- and he will not have money for roads. >>we cannot invest money from our increased revenues from our economy. we will have to cut education ttis year if we don't find a solution. we have no money for transportation. >>republicans emailed out a few of the 2016 goals include of getting rid of small business burdens and making it easier for developers to build homes without being sued. we told you about a controversial billboard in colorado springs paid for by an atheist group. the billboard which was put up around the holidays with a picture santos", go ahead and skip church just be good for goodness sske. happy holidays. someone with a happy with that they wrote quote god is not dead across it in red paint. the group who put up the sign
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next couple of days. skiers and snowboarders at one of the vaii resorts had to be evacuated from a chair lift. it happened at heavenly mountain resort in lake tahoe. investing with -- evacuations took place after an unoccupied `hair fell from the table. the lift had to be stopped while workers investigated what happened. an update on the story we brought you about an animal clinic in eaton. denkai century is downsizing and it is affecting area clinics and pet ownnrs who need help with their but does. other nonprofit organizations like northern colorado friends of pharaohs are picking up the slack but they need help. we have more information on our website a woman in your he posted on facebook recycled christmas trees for her goats to eat. according to our partners at the longmont times she got messages from at least 20 people. she would go pick up the trees
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she says when she went to pick up the trees people invited her in for christmas cookies and they wanted to talk about goats. >>that is a great way to get rid of a tree. >>could you imagine help okay that would be? >>i'm not a goat. >>were not complaining about the warm temperatures. >>was it not gorgeous? if you like the warmer weather tomorrow will be your day. unless you are in the southwest corner of the state because we are seeing some snow. this is the next system that will move in and it will affect us in the metro area later this week. temperatures not bad here in denver we're at 30, greeley you are at 16, we are seeing some teens and 20s and the high country. the winds out in the eastern plains in burlington those
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we will go from 30 degrees into the upper 20s and then by the night low 20s. early tomorrow morning if you get up early at 5 am temperatures will be about 20, not as cold as we have been over the last couple of nights. you will notice the temperatures in the high country in the teens, right around 10 degrees. this is great for gunnison and crumbling temperatures had been closer to 32 below zero. that was slowly beginning to warm up. this know we have in the southwest corner that is where it is going to stay this evening and even through the first part of tomorrow morning. you will see it being light snow and as the day goes on it will move closer to the central mountains. northern mountains might pick up a little bit of light snow that it will stay dry for thh metro area. a few clouds, more so than what we saw today but it will not affect our temperatures. tomorrow evening by 7:00 there %- are the clouds and the snow staying off to the west. this is not going to bring a
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-`told about major snow but it will be a little bit of snow for the western slope and high country. look at the highly temperatures tomorrow low to mid 30s in the high country. denver looking to top out at 48, burlington he will be right there as well. if that was not warm enough we corner. colorado springs, pueblo even out to lamar. tomorrow will be the warmest day and as we move intt wednesday increasing clouds it will be breezy in some locations because that is our next system, bringing us snow on thursday and friday and you see this temperatures, friday, saturday and sunday we are near freezing as the hype. if you need to do anything outside, maybe take the christmas lights down, in denver you do not havv to do so until after stock show. that is the official rule. >>in colorado.
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as of today at this very moment the broncos have not yet named as starting quarterback. with their first playoff game in a couple of weeks some say it should be paid to manning other say it should be brock osweiler . brock started yesterdaa in his folder not the offense struggled. 5 turnovers into the 3rd
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made the switch over to peyton. decision. 17 or 18? he was not saying anything today. >>i will not say anything. i am proud of our football team. they have a few games off, i have a lot of things i need to do as a coach. i'm trying to evaluate a lot of things. i have nothing for you today. we will get ready to go and go back to wwrk on thursday. >>we have 2 weeks before we play again. i have to see how i feel tomorrow, see how myyfoot feels. >>i'm sure coach kubiak will look at things over the next couple of days. my belief is whether i am the starter or the backup i will show of the work -- show up to work the same way and always be ready to go. >>after the broncos. as every goal they set for the regular season, won the west, got the number one seed, first- round bye now the ultimate goal
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>>the story has been written as we speak. it is an interesting book and there is no rest, we will continue to make plays. >>as i said every regret -- regular-season goal accomplished now it is super bowl or bust. >>2 more wins to get there. >>that's it? >>that's easy, right?
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prism tv from centurylink. see what everyone's talking about at too cool. "the list" starts now. >> he was snowed in, but this doctor pulled a neat trick to get to his patients. >> stay warm and cozy.
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you money on your power bills. did the nana make our leave list? >> let's start by counting down the three stories at the top of "the list." >> one movie sailed past "titanic" on its quest for galactic domination. "the force awakens" has given everything it's got and this some. "the force" calls to so many people it already made $740 million in the u.s. sinking "titanic" to become the number two biggest film ever. "avatar," you're next. worldwide the movie made more than $1.5 billion. easy to understand why five more flicks are in the works with one
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